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Dental Hygiene And Care At Home For Kids

By Growing Smiles Pediatric Dentistry Whitefield, Bengaluru

Proper dental hygiene must begin in early childhood, as it lays out a promising foundation for the child’s dental and overall health. For which, our Pediatric Dentists insist that parents need to teach their kids the importance of proper dental hygiene at the earliest. 

Imbibing all the right knowledge about dental hygiene in childhood ensures them a lifetime of good dental and overall health. Spare some time with them to teach the right techniques and ways to maintain their oral hygiene and they will definitely learn from you. There is no place better than the vicinity of our homes, to begin with. 

Here is how you can ensure proper care for your kid’s dental hygiene at home!

Dr Janani Rangswamy MDS Pediatric Dentist at Growing smiles shares a few points regarding the same in the video below!

Brushing And Flossing

It may sound simple but, our pediatric dentists emphasise that, brushing and flossing the teeth in the right manner plays a vital role in determining healthy teeth for our kids, ignoring which could affect their overall health. These two steps are the basic stepping stones for their pearls to shine bright and healthy!

Make sure your kid is holding the brush rightly. Help them reach the hard spots and they are bound to brush rightly after learning from you. Is your child is above the age of two, or have their teeth started to come in contact with each other? It is a sign that you must start flossing their teeth at this stage as the food starts to collect in these spots. You can find a child-friendly floss available over the counter or try a few flavored ones which the child likes. 

Kids nagging about their daily dental routine is a common scenario in most of the households. It is not impossible to get your kids on the roll and make it a fun routine!

Dental Hygiene Should be A Family Routine

Yes, switching the daily oral hygiene routine into a family affair can make it a very interesting one for the kids to look forward to. Hand them their favorite toothbrush of their choice – be it a superhero or a cartoon character. 

Make sure everyone head to brush and floss your teeth at the same time every morning and night. It helps to break the mundaneness and look at it like a fun-filled activity. Eventually, it creates an urge in the little one’s mind to look forward to it by observing everyone being excited about the routine. Pedodontics for special kids can be challenging during this time so its highly recommend that parents give more importance to their oral hygiene regimens to prevent the onset of any dental issues.

Brushing and flossing at least twice a day in the right manner cancels out any chance of food deposition on or between the teeth. This ensures the primary dental hygiene for a better set of teeth canceling out the formation of cavities by the oral bacteria

Dietary Changes For Good Pediatric Dental Health

It is a known fact that children show their affinity towards sugary food and beverages. These treats contain a high amount of sugar that settles in the mouth longer than required, making it a play area for all the oral bacteria to thrive. 

Our doctors at Growing Smiles Pediatric dentistry, recommend switching to a more natural snacking like fruits, homemade delicacies with less sugar content, and fresh-pressed juices. Chop the fruits in interesting shapes and arrange them aesthetically so your child finds it attractive to consume. It is healthy for the kid’s dental and overall health as well. 

Limit their sweet-tooth cravings for once in a month or two. It is better to make them gargle with salt water after the consumption of any beverage or confectioneries that contain high sugar levels. If possible, make them brush and floss their teeth after to keep any pediatric dental issues at bay. 

Cut their snacking in between meals, as much as possible. This helps to a greater extent. To compensate for their hunger, you may hand them a glass of milk or a slice of cheese. The dairy products act as a barrier for the acids present in the oral bacteria, lowering the chances of cavities. Also, ensuring a good amount of calcium for the child’s well-being.

Keep Your Kids Away From Sugary Treats, Candies & Beverages

  • Treats

We all know there are candy monsters in our houses waiting to sneak in and grab a candy every time. You can address this issue by making it a prize for their achievement. 

Make a chart where they need to tick every day and night after they are done with their dental hygiene routine. Hand them a candy every once in a week if they have completely ticked their routine table. This helps them to subconsciously follow their dental hygiene routine.

It is proven that oral bacteria travel all the way to the gut and not just stay in the mouth. When you fail to follow basic dental hygiene, there are high chances that the overall health of the child falls at a risk.

Growing Smiles Pediatric Dentistry recommends brushing and flossing regularly, along with a clean diet can come a long way to ensure good dental and oral health. It reduces the risk of cavities or tooth decay. 

Check for Discoloration & Mobile Milk Teeth

Do not push these away because you feel that their milk teeth anyway fall off. Milk teeth are as important as permanent teeth. If they are taken good care of and kept away from cavities and tooth decay, you can look forward to a healthy set of permanent teeth for your child for a lifetime.

It is highly recommended by our Pediatric Dentists and Orthodontists in Bangalore that you follow these simple dental hygiene routine for your kids at home. The easiest to start at home. It helps your kid to learn the need for dental hygiene for its overall health, ensuring a healthy set of teeth that are free of any sort of cavities and other dental issues. Your kids first visit to the pediatric dentist can be sheduled after the lockdown to address these problems


Feel free to reach out to our dental care system for children if you have any dental queries or concerns. 

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