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Growing smiles pediatric dentistry in Whitefield Bangalore

Growing Smiles Pediatric dentistry in Whitefield, Bangalore focus on creating healthy smiles and providing the topnotch dental treatments to your little one. Our core values lie in catering to a clientele who prefer specialist dental care for their kids. Our doctors are experienced when it comes to working with children with respect to their oral health. This Kids dental clinic had a warm and friendly design all done by experienced architects to make you & your child feel comfortable during the visit.

GROWING SMILES focuses on creating personalised dental care for kids

Pediatric dentistry is a specialization that deals with treating dental issues with respect to children. As growing individuals, our kids will have a very unique dentition which consists of the primary or permanent teeth or sometimes a mix of both called the mixed dentition. This stage especially the mixed dentition stage can be very cumbersome for the child as it involves the exfoliation of the milk teeth and the eruption of the adult teeth.

At Growing Smiles, we recommend the aid of a pedodontist an an Orthodontist compared to the general dentist as they are trained to resolve problems arising during the mixed dentition stage such as the ugly duckling phase. Just like adults prefer the services for specialists for their needs such as a Gynecologist during the maternal period and a dermatologist for their skin, it is very important that kids visit a pediatric dentist for their oral & dental care needs.


To educate parents and kids the importance of specialized dental needs that children need. By following the necessary protocols involving preventive dentistry. Our pedodontists strive to spread healthy smiles by providing the best dental and oral care regimens. We at Growing Smiles pediatric dentistry look at a future where every child irrespective of their educational or economic background has easy and affordable access to high quality and advanced dental care across India. We also provide free dental health camps to the underprivileged kids in places like orphanages and government schools. Just as health care is a growing priority to many parents in India we aim at making pediatric dental health care accessible to all as it is still very nascent in our country especially in tier 2 and 3 cities.

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